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What is Bonus Hunting?

The internet is full of betting providers, who offer their own range of bets to the customers. To bring sports betting fans onto their particular website, these companies also offer them some kind of bonus, that the customers can use to generate higher earnings with their bets.

These bonus offerings can vary in the amount of money that they are worth to the customer, as well as in the type of reward; there are several kinds of bonus offerings that the betting companies provide.

But for the customers, it’s not that easy to choose their favored betting company, out of all the providers who offer their bets on the internet. These often seem very similar when it comes to their websites, and the number of bets, that these companies provide to their customers.

Because of this, many fans of sports betting are engaged in so-called bonus hunting, where the customers are always in search for the best deals on the internet. This is because the customers can benefit from those offerings in different ways, which can lead to higher earnings with their chosen bets.

In most cases, the customer gets a low amount of money with these bonus deals, that he can use to bet on the website of the provider who offers it. In some cases, the customer has to invest the total amount from the bonus on one single bet, while in other cases, the customers can use the bonus amount to bet on every upcoming event, that the betting provider offers on his website.

Because betting companies offer these bonus deals just at one particular time, customers have to watch out for these deals on the websites of several providers, at different times of the year. Otherwise, they could miss an attractive bonus offer from a provider, that could help them to generate higher earnings with their bets.

That’s why many of these bonus hunters, are registered on several different websites of different providers, at the same time. That gives them the chance to watch out for new bonus deals on the provider’s site, at any time, without the procedure of registration.

Playing on multiple casinos

And also, while registering on the website of a betting provider, the customers can earn a so-called “new customer bonus,” that just new customers on the site of the betting provider, are able to use. But these offers can only be used from new customers, who were never registered on the website of the current betting provider so far. The bonus amount of these new customer offers can strongly vary and is often based on the first deposit of the customer, who gets a percentage of the face value he paid after his registration. While some providers offer percentages like 100 up to 200 % after their deposit, that can reach up to 2000 CAD or more, what is based on the provider. So, these customers can get a bonus amount up to 2000 CAD, and more, after their registration on the website of a betting provider.

What happens after registration?

Once the customer is registered on the website of a provider, he’s able to participate in the bonus programmes for existing customers, that the betting providers also offer for their loyal customers. The amount of these offers are mostly much lower than the value of the new customer bonus, but they are not always forced to make their own deposit, to profit from such a bonus deal. Mostly the amounts of such offers are between five and ten CAD, that the customers can use to bet on every event the respective provider offers within his betting programme.