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What is the RTP in casino gaming and how to make sure you get the most out of it?

RTP is a very popular terminology in the online casino industry. This denotes the Return to Player for an online casino game. You would most likely have come across it when playing online slot games. It is undoubtedly one of the main factors that determine a player's winning propensity in an online casino particularly for online slots enthusiasts.

Newbies and sometimes experienced gamblers who play online slot often neglect to research the RTP of games before playing. Unfortunately, the tendency in that scenario is these players wasting their precious bankroll on unprofitable online slot games

Examining the RTP of an online casino game

RTP which is an abbreviation for Return to Player is simply the percentage of your total wins in a slot divided by the total bets you wager. It is a theoretical estimation of what you can hope to win when you play online slot and it also indicates how often a player will win in the game.

The higher the percentage, the higher the chances of a player winning in the long run. In the same vein, if a RTP is low, it means players have little chances of winning. Any online slot game with less than 94% RTP is seen as an unfavourable game to gamblers hence they shouldn’t pursue online casinos with such low RTP slot offerings.

Another example is that a game with a 95% RTP would give you £95 back if you play 100 games with a £1 wager. However RTP is considered to be largely theoretical and not an actual representation of what happens when each game is played. This is because every game is different from the other, some players will definitely win over the odds and others will come away with less.

RTP is set by casino operators and game developers but checked and scrutinized by gaming regulation bodies. You can find it in the information page or within the paytable of an online slot game.

How to calculate your RTP when you play online slot

You can calculate your RTP using this workings:

RTP = Total Winnings / Total Bets Wagered

Total Amount Bet or Stakes Wagered:  this is the sum of each and every bets you place when you play online slots. For example in a slot game, if you have staked £1.00 on every spin for 50 spins then you have wagered a total of £50.00

Total winnings: This is where you calculate the sum total of all the winnings you have earned in a game session whether free spins, base or bonus game winnings.

Let's say you won £5.30 on free spins, £6.50 from other bonus rounds and a base winning of £18.00 then you’re going to have won £29.80 overall .

Return to Player percentage:  After calculating your total stakes wagered and winnings when you play online slot, you then calculate your payout percentage by diving your total winnings by your total bets. In this case it would be £29.80/£50.00 and the answer is 0.59%

To make it into a percentage however, take off the decimal, and there you are with 59%. The implication is that the RTP percentage for your single slot session was 59%.

What determines the RTP of an online casino game?

The main factors that affect the RTP of an online casino game are:

House edge: This is the opposite of RTP, it is the house advantage or percentage of money  the casino expect to get from the games in the long run. For example if the RTP of a game is 95% then the house edge is 5%. These percentages help to make sure that the casino is in business and not incurring heavy losses.

Low Variance/Volatility - Volatility simply refers to the level of risk players face when they play online slots. Slots with low volatility means that the game is less risky usually has high RTP because their winnings and rewards are usually smaller compared to the high volatility games

High Volatility : Online slot games that are highly  volatile usually comes with Low RTP and a higher house edge, however these online casino games often fall into the category of the most rewarding games in the online casino space because of their huge rewards that complements for their Low RTP.

How to get the most out of theRTP of an online casino game?