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What is the RNG of slots and casino games?

RNG – Random number generator is a microchip number generator that generates numbers continuously in slot machines used in land casinos and online casinos as well.

In the ‘80s, mechanical slot machines were converted to electronic slot machines that make use of RNG to provide randomness and bigger jackpot prizes. This was a great game changer in the history of casino games

RNG is a popular tool for providing randomness for various casino games like Keno, slot machines, and card games in the gambling industry.

Importance of RNG

RNG is a way of giving online casino players fair play by ensuring players get to play honest games that generates all results randomly.

What are the types of RNG?

The Hardware Random number generator (HRNG)

These are external devices commonly used in land-based casinos to generate numbers using complex values as a starting point. Most often, these external devices are attached to the casino’s server USB port. A lot of different starting points are basically used to generate numbers which are most often unpredictable.

Pseudo-random number generator (PRNG)

This is an algorithm that produces long strings of random numbers automatically. The strings of numbers generated automatically are determined by a fixed number called ��seed’.

The Hit Frequency

This is a figure showing the number of times winning combos appear on a slot machine. The higher the hit frequency of slot games, the more the game produces winning combos. However, slots with higher hit frequency don’t often translate to the best slots to play.

A player’s chance of hitting the jackpot is 1 out of 27,000. Winning combos are generated frequently, but it all boils down to the probability of hitting the spin button at the exact time when the jackpot combo is up which is extremely low.

How does an RNG work?

RNGs are also used in random number generator. In the case of online slot games, values are assigned to every symbol on a reel. For example, in a 5-reel slot machine with each reel having 12 symbols, the RNG generates values of 1-12 for each reel. Players win only when five random symbols make a winning combo.

Using RNG in Online casino

Old slot machines use physical reels to find out the symbols that would fall on payline to create winning combos. However, this cannot work on modern and online slot machines with increasing complexity and several paylines. Therefore, this brings the need for Random number generator (RNG) which is too complex for old-fashioned slot machines but fit for modern and online slot machines.

RNG is a new way of running casino business and it is used by developers to create increasingly interesting, fair and honest games as it is solely based on chance and randomness.

Random numbers are being generated from the moment a game is loaded, the number sequence is in constant cyclical motion and doesn’t stop until a player hits the spin button. The number sequence is halted and the random number is changed to an outcome which may be reels coming to a stop, winning pocket on a roulette wheel, etc.

Can Online casinos operate without RNG?

For online casinos to be granted license to operate, they have to pass the RNG test which is carried out by independent regulators like Ecogra, Verisign, TST, etc. These tests ensure games are not influenced by such factors as size of potential payout, VIP cards, number of credits in play, etc.

These tests go further to ensure that gaming machines meet with the minimum payout requirements of the gambling jurisdictions from which the casino provider is operating.

All random number generator deploy RNG which is used to determine their outcomes. RNG works in combination with the gaming software to generate fair outcomes for online slot players. For example, in the case of Blackjack players, RNG will send a unique value to the software the moment the player hits the deal. This simply means that the order of all cards dealt is random and predetermined.

RNGs are also used in random number generator. In the case of online slot games, values are assigned to every symbol on a reel. For example, in a 5-reel slot machine with each reel having 12 symbols, the RNG generates values of 1-12 for each reel. Players win only when five random symbols make a winning combo.

Can Live Casino Use RNG?

Live dealer games don’t use RNG because RNG cannot be used to guarantee fair outcomes for live dealer casino players. However, live games use similar techniques with land-based casinos to ensure that players get fair play.

The degree of randomness generated for live dealer games cannot be compared to a true RNG. This is not easily noticeable by players.

Can RNG be Cheated?

The possibility of cheating an RNG is extremely small, but there are online casino syndicates that are highly trained and specializes in cheating RNGs of casino slot games online and in land-based casinos.

A classic case of cheating RNG was observed by Michael Shackleford the designer of wizardofodds in 2008 when he discovered that BLR Software was rigging their games so that they can increase the house edge and make more profit.

RNG is a technology that is still undergoing development. However, with improving electronic technology, modern RNG with multistage protection and complex algorithm are constantly being developed in order to prevent constant hacking. Also, operators are given certificates of RNG compliance; this sends a message to players that they can get fair chances of winning jackpot prizes.

Does RNG affect RTP?

RNGs are designed to use certain number combinations to get consistent RTP rate. Online casinos monitor RTPs of their games by dividing the total payout value of a machine by its total accrued turnover. Results obtained usually should be significantly close to the Theoretical RTP indicating that the RNG of the game is not faulty. If results obtained proved otherwise, the RNG will have to be re-examined.


RNG is used to ensure that casino games outcomes are random and not interfered with by players intending to cheat the system.

With RNG technology in place, players can be assured of getting fair play while they explore a diverse range of games developed with RNG technology without having to worry about the restrictions of shuffling cards and moving machine parts while Casino operators are assured that they cannot be cheated easily.